Mission Roatán

Colonia Alden Webster Water Project

Smiling boy carrying a jug of dirty water in Colonia Alden Webster

In 2017, Mission Roatán was made aware of a relatively new colonia, la Colonia Alden Webster. By that time, around 250 families had already built homes on the mountainous, forested terrain. There was no electricity, and the only water sources were a couple of holes dug only feet into the ground, as well as a stream that formed only during the rainy season. Enrique Valdez began to talk with the leaders of the community about a plan to drill a well for healthy, clean, fresh water. Mission Roatán began considering ways to help raise the estimated $20,000.00 needed to complete the project. Fundraising participants included a couple high schools in Illinois and friends of Enrique. Together, they raised a little over $10,000.00. This money was used to make road improvements to possible well sites, to begin to bring electricity to the area, and to bring temporary water supplies to tanks near the small school/community building. As of summer 2019, the community has made temporary agreements to pipe in water from a neighboring colonia. This project is ongoing.